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What do you mean by ‘re-launch’?

In the past, we’ve used the term ‘reset’ in regards to adjusting the timeline of the Feature Characters. This had an undesirable ripple effect across the MUCK forcing existing groups of players to adjust their role play to fit the new timeline. This often resulted in players having to role play meeting a Feature Character for the first time, even though their personal history might include a long-standing relationship with the aforementioned Feature Character.

By using the term ‘re-launch,’ we hope to convey the concept that we are introducing a new Feature Character story arc without disrupting the plots our existing groups are already enjoying.

So you’re re-introducing Feature Characters. Isn’t that the same thing as resetting the timeline? I knew Simba/Mufasa/Ahadi/Mohatu/etc. years ago, so meeting him again is not going to mesh with my In-Character history.

The best way we can explain this is to point out that you might have known a ‘John Smith’ in grade school and then met a different ‘John Smith’ in college. They weren’t the same person, but it didn’t cause you any distress!

Our new Feature Characters can (and will!) share the names of previous Feature Characters, but they are not the same and you should treat them as strangers the first time you meet them!

The Chapter 1 introduction doesn’t mention Simba/Nala/Mufasa/Sarabi/etc. Why not? Aren’t they the Feature Characters?

They are indeed Feature Characters. The term originally referred to characters that were featured in the movie and has been expanded to refer to any characters that are instrumental to the core plot of the MUCK. Feature Characters are treated differently than Player Characters in that they can be recast if necessary. A Player Character would not be subject to such an action.

The story arc has been written to allow us to (eventually) reintroduce the aforementioned Feature Characters in a way that doesn’t cause a jarring reset of the timeline for the rest of the MUCK. We’re going to explore the history and ancestry of the characters from the movie – to see what guided their grandparents and parents as they made their way through the Circle of Life – by introducing them as if they were living their lives now and not simply having them appear suddenly.

Is this an alternate reality or what?

This is the same ‘reality’ our MUCK has been experiencing for several years. The timeline isn’t being reset and history isn’t being rewritten. As mentioned in the chapter introduction, Mohatu and Tetema arrived at Pride Rock seeking shelter. If the walls of Pride Rock could talk, they would surely tell our new arrivals some interesting stories of days gone by involving Mtukutu, Simba, Kisasian, and the others!

Why wasn’t there a casting call for the new Feature Characters?

Casting calls in the past have rarely succeeded in filling all open positions. The Wizards felt it would be easier to get the new story arc launched by filling the roles themselves or by inviting players to fill the roles without putting out a casting call.

Does this mean casting calls will never happen again?

Not at all! Our hope is that the re-launch will generate interest in participating in the story arc. As interest grows and players express a desire to play a Feature Character, we will reevaluate our position and put out casting calls as needed.

What do you mean by story arc?

‘Story arc’ is the term we’re using to describe the long-term plan for our Feature Characters. It is composed of many smaller plots that link together to weave a story for our players.

What do you mean by chapter?

A ‘chapter’ refers to a one-month slice of the story arc. Each month, on the Friday evening of the first weekend of that month, a new chapter introduction will be posted to the website. The written chapter for the prior month will also be posted so players can remain in touch with the story arc, even if they haven’t been online recently.

If you’re posting chapters every month, doesn’t that mean the players won’t have anything to role play? Won’t they just be following a script?

Hardly! The story arc describes the major events our Feature Characters must experience, but everything else is open to interpretation, exploration, and creativity!

Why haven’t you posted the details of the story arc? Why only a chapter introduction each month? (Insert other story-related questions here!)

If we posted the story arc or entire chapters at the beginning of the month, that would take the surprise out of it!

As mentioned above, the story arc describes the major events and not every detail. We won’t know what happened in the chapter itself until the end of the month, which is why it won’t be posted until then.

Why now? The movie is over seventeen years old at this point.

Now seems to be the perfect time! The movie itself has been in theatres again and the Blu-Ray DVD will be released next week (Oct 4, 2011).

I have a question not answered here. How do I ask it?

MUCKmail Ketekh or send him an email.

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