Chapter 2 - Charity Begins at Home

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"Life's not fair, is it?"

Truer words have likely never been spoken. For our trio of lions and their ever-present cheetah companion, life never stopped throwing new challenges their way. Although nothing seemed to surpass the slaughter of his father's pride, little challenges kept coming at Mohatu and his family nearly non-stop.

Like all things in life, however, everyone had a choice: run from adversity or learn from it.

For Mohatu, the lessons he'd begun learning at Pride Rock were preparing him for the day when he might need to step up and bear the mantle of ruling a pride. Diplomacy, constantly needing to maintain an even-temper, and even charity were things he'd never faced before coming to the Pride Lands. Even if he didn't aspire to being a king, the Circle of Life tended to lead individuals to the role they needed to fill more than the one they wanted or expected to fill.


As the family's second month in Pride Rock begins, a new challenge awaits. While their family is struggling to survive, they find they must make a decision. Do they offer shelter and charity to yet another stranger? Or do they turn the newcomer away, even if she's got nowhere else to go?

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