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Drop Down Menus are an extension that have been added to the TLKMuck MediaWiki installation to allow editors to place menus within pages throughout the site.

The <dropDownMenu> tag is used to create a single drop down menu and up to ten associated sub-menus. Multiple menus may be combined within a row in a table to create a menu bar. Alternatively, having one menu on each row of a table would create a sidebar style menu.

The following options are available:

Parameter  Example                    Notes
css        tlkmenu                    Required. tlkmenu is the default. For additional options, contact Ketekh.
name       Main                       Name of the menu. Each menu on a page must have a unique name. 
                                      The name is displayed as the menu's top-level item.
menuTarget index.php?title=Main_Page  Optional. For pages within the TLKMuck Wiki, you must include 
                                      index.php?title=Name_Of_Page. For external sites, you must include the 
                                      entire address, beginning with http.
sub1       What's New                 Required to create a sub-menu. Up to ten sub-menus may be created.
                                      (ie: sub1, sub2, ... sub10) 
sub1target index.php?title=What's_New If provided, targets must follow the same guidelines listed above
                                      for menuTarget.


These two menus were created with the following code:

<td><dropDownMenu css="tlkmenu" name="Home Page" menuTarget="index.php?title=Main_Page" sub1="What's New"
                  sub1target="index.php?title=What's_New" /></td>
<td><dropDownMenu css="tlkmenu " name="Resources & Tutorials" menuTarget="/index.php?title=Category:Resources_and_Tutorials" 
                  sub1="glossary" sub1target="index.php?title=Glossary"
                  sub2="MUCK Intro Guide" sub2target="index.php?title=MUCK_Intro_Guide" /></td>
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