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v3.0 - 01/10/2008

What Elders Are

Elders will now be handled far differently from anything done in the past. They will no longer be the hated species setting you get stuck with when Kings go past their time as ruler, but rather an exalted position amongst the species. EVERY species will be eligible for this.

Think back to the tribes of old with their wisemen, elders, and such; that is what we are aiming for. To be in the presence of an elder will be considered an honor, and they will be allowed to cross territorial boundaries at will. They are neither good nor evil, they simply offer their counsel to whomever asks of it. To harm an elder in any form is considered an act of war, and anyone who would dare attempt such a thing should be ready to flee for their lives.

They are not rulers and do not have the authority of such. They cannot order someone to do something, they can only suggest a proper path. They do not involve themselves in battles and if attacked will retreat rather than stand and fight. The physical strength and energy of elders isn't what it used to be. More often than not, elders have to depend on others defending them against those who are younger and stronger. To engage in physical combat would lead to heavy, potentially fatal wounds.

Elders are NOT OOC leadership positions, and should not be regarded as such. Additionally, all other rules regarding IC interactions apply.

Requirements for an Elder

  1. The character you wish to become an elder must have been an adult for at least 2 years prior to your application.
  2. You must have NO marks against you--no exceptions. If you are not sure about this, contact a wizard.
  3. You must have a good grasp of the English language and grammar and be able to roleplay at least decently. We are not asking you to pose thirty lines, just that you are understandable and can move the roleplay foreward.

Should any marks be made against you or should you abuse the position given to you, your elder status will be removed and you will not be eligable for it again.

How to Obtain an Elder

A character must have nominations from 10 different players to be considered for elder status. Once 10 nominations have been submitted, the wizards will determine the suitability of the nominated character to become an elder. If deemed to be eligible, the nominee will be notified and offered elder status. The title of elder will not be forced upon any character.

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