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Announcing: Madagascar!

Restructuring seems to be a way of life just about anywhere you look nowadays and unfortunately, the same is true for TLKMuck. As the "TLK craze" continues to slowly fade away, we've looked long and hard at ways to keep the excitement up and keep our population happy and entertained. We think we've finally hit on a plan that will do that without totally changing the theme of the muck.

Beginning today, you'll see a new realm start to take form - Madagascar. The physical proximity of the 'real' Madagascar allows us to add this area without creating geographic wormholes to connect the two locales (Whereas adding "North America" to the muck would require a wormhole!). It also allows us to inject the muck with a new blood, so to speak, by incorporating new feature characters from the movie of the same name. Soon we'll begin casting for our new FC crew, though Alex, Marty, and Skipper have already been cast and will be out and about within the next day or so.

To answer a couple of questions that are sure to pop up:

Adding Madagascar and its characters obviously infringes on the 'no human influence' rule, so be on the lookout for a new set of rules to be posted within the next few days.

Interaction WILL be allowed between existing residents and the new area. Everyone can come and go as they please, though we do ask that you try to keep things as IC as possible and not make the round trip in five minutes or do it multiple times a week. If you go visit Madagascar ICly, you should plan on it taking awhile!

Please contact the admins on the MUCK if you have any questions or comments.

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