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Due to the inclement weather currently impacting Texas and an increased demand for power, the authorities have ordered rolling blackouts across the state. The hosting service used by TLKMuck is located in Dallas, and while the data center is not expected to be impacted by the blackouts, service might be interrupted for brief periods of time. If this happens, the MUCK will be brought back online as soon as possible. Additional information, if available, will be posted here and on the TLKMuck Discussion Forums.

Simba as drawn by Nalina

Happy Anniversary, TLKMuck!

TLKMuck turned 15 on June 18, 2010!

Click here for a message from Ketekh about the anniversary.

Welcome to TLKMuck!

Enter a world where you can take on the persona of an inhabitant of the Pride Lands. Move through the Pride Lands in search of food, meeting friends and enemies alike along the way. Converse with characters from creative expansions upon the movie's story. Fight for your life against a fierce cheetah, chase a troublesome hyena, or lie in the sun with a beautiful lioness. Relive the excitement, the grandeur, the fun of The Lion King - interactively!

Make sure you visit Msimulizi under the baobab for the latest happenings in the TLKMuck universe!

More Information

For more information, check out these links:

If the muck is unavailable or non-responsive, please email the administrators to let us know it's offline.

The Lion King and Simba are ©1994 Disney.

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