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v3.0 02/23/2002



Absolutely NO harassment or threatening of another player will be tolerated. This includes stealing or altering their objects without permission. Basically, do unto others as you would have done to you. This also includes trying to force players into killing off their characters.


You may only log onto ONE account--and that is the account that you first create on the muck. There is no limit on how many characters you may have, so there is no reason to create another! Also, with this in mind, we will not be allowing any more zombies.

Main characters will be able to idle for 90 days--however, alternates will only be allowed 30 days--after this point the characters will be deleted.


We will not be forcing players to give up what male lions they already have, but from here on in we will only be allowing ONE male lion per player. Lionesses are unlimited.

Mucker Bits

NO player will receive an M3. Period. M2s will only be given out to those who have proven they have a decent grasp on Programming and have displayed a specific need for an M2. If you have a program that requires a higher authority level than you have, have the wizards look through it. If it is acceptable, they will @chown it and set it to the proper flag--you will not maintain ownership of it.

Spying And Cameras

Anything that transfers poses/says/etc to another room/player must be PLAINLY VISIBLE, and preferably have a warning attached when you enter the room.


There are only two issues with this. It must be done in PRIVATE rooms, and it CANNOT be with a minor. Not knowing/asking their age is NOT an excuse. If we get a complaint, ignorance is no excuse--both players involved will be banned.

Names And Species

All species must be found on the continent of Africa for it to be created. As for names, we will be fairly lenient, but nothing like 'Joe' and 'Sam' will be accepted.

Healers And Magic

There is no 'magic' on The Lion King Muck--no zapping lions with lightning bolts, in other words. Also, healers must have opposable thumbs--no hyenas wandering around healing the sick.

The Lion King And Man

As far as the Muck is concerned, there is no such thing as humans. With that in mind, we do not want to see any man-made weapons, collars, jewelry, tombstones, etc--or even references to such.

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