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v 1.0.1 - 11/16/2009



Having existed from the startup of the muck, the Pride Lands have changed ownership many times over the years. With each change of ownership, construction of the lands has been modified, sometimes with confusing results. In order to minimize the impacts of future shifts of power within the Pride Lands, this policy outlines the rights and responsibilities of both the ruler(s) of the Pride Lands and the wizards.

Additionally, guidelines for occupancy of the Pride Lands by a lion's pride are outlined below in an effort to foster a more dynamic environment for role playing.


The Pride Lands rooms, exits, and associated actions/commands are owned by the "Room Manager" character. Room Manager is administered by the wizards and any requested changes to the Pride Lands or their contents must be submitted in writing via muckmail to the wizards. Requests will be reviewed by the wizards and may or not be implemented, depending upon feasibility, applicability, and other factors, at the discretion of the wizards.


Occupancy of the Pride Lands will be determined by the wizards. Any changes - succession, over-throw of the current ruler, etc - must be proposed to and accepted by the wizards before implementation.

Only leonine prides may occupy the Pride Lands as rulers. This is not intended as a discriminatory action, but rather to keep the theme of the muck aligned with the theme of the movie upon which it is based.

From time to time, the Pride Lands may go unoccupied at the discretion of the wizards.

Length of Rule

A player may roleplay the ruler of the Pride Lands for no more than five years. Six months before the end of the five year period, the player who owns the ruling character of the Pride Lands will be notified by the wizards to begin planning for a transfer of power. Preferably, the player in question will arrange for his successor via roleplay with another player. If, at the end of the six month period, no viable candidate has been proposed to and approved by the wizards, the wizards may - at their discretion - appoint the next ruler and/or allow the existing ruler to continue in a temporary capacity until a successor is chosen.

Players may step down, abdicate, or otherwise leave their position as King of the Pride Lands prior to the end of the five year period, but are expected to otherwise arrange for their successor and follow the approval process described above prior to leaving the position.

Qualifications to Rule the Pride Lands

In order to be fair to all interested parties, a player may only roleplay the leader of the Pride Lands once. Any exception to this rule will be made at the discretion of the wizards and requests for such an exception will generally not be approved.

Any candidate for ruling the Pride Lands must be approved prior to succession by the wizards. Candidates must have held a character on the muck for at least six months, must not have committed any serious infractions of the rules, and must otherwise meet the requirements to become a King under the current rules (see 'news prides' for full details).

Conflict Resolution

Generally speaking, players are expected to resolve conflicts between one another without wizard intervention. If the conflict does not involve the ruling player of the Pride Lands, then the ruler of the Pride Lands is expected to arbitrate any conflicts whenever possible. The wizards will step in as a last resort to resolve Out-Of-Character (OOC) conflicts, but will rarely intervene in In-Character (IC) situations.


Though the ruler of the Pride Lands is a King, the very nature of the Pride Lands imposes additional burdens upon this individual. While Kings typically have broad, sweeping authority when it comes to their lands, the King of the Pride Lands represents the muck to new players. As such, decisions to prohibit players from roleplaying within the Pride Lands must be discussed with the wizards. If the wizards do not approve such prohibitions, the individual in question must not be 'banned' from the Pride Lands.

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