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No image available.

The Biobox template is intended to be used to provide a box containing a given character's biographical summary. It will float to the right of the section within which the {{biobox}} template tag is used.


Images must be uploaded to the TLKMuck Wiki server and linked internally. External image links are not supported. Images must be public domain or permission must be explicitly granted by the artist in order to be posted here.

For non-public domain images, please have the artist email the following to the TLKMuck administrators:

  • A 200x200 version of the image in question (pre-cropped if desired).
  • A statement that indicates the image is being released to TLKMuck for use on the biographical page of the character in question.
  • The duration of the permission to use the image, if the image may only be used for a specific amount of time.

Available parameters

Parameter      Default Value
image          "No image available." picture displayed.
image-link     No default link.
image-alt-txt  "No image avilable."
name           Required - no default value
nickname       Not included if undefined.
gender         Unknown
species        Unknown
pride          Not included if undefined. Linked to page if defined.
clan           Not included if undefined. Linked to page if defined.
group          Not included if undefined. Linked to page if defined.
created        Unknown
retired        Not included if undefined.
mother         Unknown
father         Unknown
siblings       Not included if undefined.


  • Because the {{species}} parameter will automatically link to Wikipedia, it must be given the full species as shown on Wikipedia. For example, do not use "Adol. Lioness" for this parameter, use "Lion" instead (gender is covered in a separate parameter).
  • Please do not use {{pride}}, {{clan}}, and {{group}} parameters together - only use one of the three.
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