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The Lion King is copyright 1994, 2019 by the Walt Disney Company. Some character names used within the MUCK are copyright 1994, 2019 by the Walt Disney Company and 1994 by Scholastic. The TLK Muck and TLK Muck Home page in no way constitute a challenge to these copyrights.

The TLK Muck Home page was redesigned and written by Thumper on 7/21/1996. Others who have contributed to the content in the past included Logozo, Jennifer Sarantites, Joshua Templin, Bret Larwick, Meerkat Markowitz, and Mzunga. The last update to the original site was 1/15/2001.

The site was redesigned by Nalina in August of 2001 with contributions by Lea.

It was updated intermittently by Ketekh until 1/5/2008, when he introduced the Wiki format.