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v4.6.4 - 08/22/2019

Content & Rating

TLKMuck is considered a PG-13 rated environment at all times. This includes both public and private rooms. Our MUCK is intended to be an enjoyable environment in which to experience the setting and adventures seen in Disney's "The Lion King" by anyone from thirteen to one hundred thirteen. Because of this, sexually explicit content and activities have no appropriate location within our system. See below for clarification regarding sexual content on TLKMuck.


Absolutely NO harassment or threatening of another player will be tolerated. This includes stealing or altering the objects of others without permission. Basically, do unto others as you would have done to you. This also includes trying to force players into killing off their character, forcing life-altering changes to a player's character without their prior approval, and/or pages of an inappropriate nature (threatening, foul language, sexual remarks, etc).


You may only log onto ONE account -- the account you first create on the MUCK. Players are limited to a total of thirty characters -- one primary and twenty-nine alternates. This limit may be raised or lowered at the discretion of the administration. Zombies are not allowed on TLKMuck.

When applying for a character, you will be asked to provide your full (first AND last) real name, a valid email address, and your date of birth. This information is confidential and not shared with anyone on the MUCK except for the system administrators.

Failure to fully complete the application will result in the application for a character being denied.

Falsification of information is grounds for immediate termination of your account.

Characters will be able to idle for 90 days. After this point the characters may be deleted. Deletions will occur at the discretion of the Administrators and characters may be allowed to idle longer than the limits specified here. Two weeks notice will be given before an idle purge takes place. Characters deleted during a purge cannot be recovered.

Mucker Bits

NO player will receive an M3. Period. M2s will only be given out to those who have proven they have a decent grasp of programming and have displayed a specific need for an M2.

If you have a program that requires a higher authority level than you have, have the Programming Wizard look through it. If the program is acceptable, s/he will @chown it and set it to the proper flag--you will not maintain ownership of it.

Spying And Cameras

Anything that transfers poses/says/etc to another room/player must be PLAINLY VISIBLE and preferably have a warning attached when you enter the room.

Cybersex/ Tinysex

Cybersex is defined as sexual activity that takes place via online communication. Tinysex is cybersex that takes place on systems running TinyMUCK software (such as TLKMuck). This includes RolePlay as well as the text equivalent of "phone sex."

Cybersex has no appropriate venue on TLKMuck and as such, the administration does not condone content of this nature within our system. There are (and have always been) systems in place that logs the activities of everyone who connects to the MUCK.

Whenever a complaint is logged regarding sexual activity on TLKMuck, the administrators will immediately begin an investigation into the activities of the players in question. Investigations can include monitoring future activities on the MUCK of those involved in the complaint, a review of past actions already taken, and any other methods as deemed appropriate by the wizards.

Punishment for violations of this rule will be determined by the wizards and can be anything from a warning up to and including a permanent ban from TLKMuck and its systems.

If it is discovered during an investigation that such activity occurred outside of a private room, or if any of the participants are under the age of eighteen, all participants will be immediately and permanently banned from TLKMuck.

If in the course of the investigation it is discovered that a player is connecting to TLKMuck for the sole purpose of pursuing sexual activity, they will be banned from our systems permanently. Those who are seeking to fulfil their sexual desires online should direct their energies to seeking out an appropriate venue for such activities.

Violations of this section include, but are not limted to, connecting to TLKMuck to lure players to other locations for sexual activity, inappropriate or suggestive pages/whispers/etc, and advertising adult-themed MUCKs in any way.

Do not troll TLKMuck for virtual bedfellows. It will not be tolerated!

Names And Species

All species must be found on the continent of Africa for a character to be created. Species from Madagascar, having no natural feasible way to reach the mainland, are not allowed. Extinct species will not be created, regardless of the reason for the extinction.

We will be fairly lenient regarding names, but names such as "Joe" and "Sam" will not be accepted.

Healers And Magic

Magic is not allowed on TLKMuck. You cannot summon a lightning bolt from the heavens to save you in a losing battle, for example.

Players are welcome to roleplay healer characters if they wish, however if a task requires opposable thumbs, then your character must have opposable thumbs. Finding creative ways around this rule is welcome and encouraged as long as it furthers the roleplay and is 'believable' in style.

The Lion King And Man

As far as the Muck is concerned, humans do not exist.

With that in mind, we do not want to see any man-made weapons, collars, jewelry, tombstones, etc or references to such.

Good Taste

General silliness is not a problem, but keep good taste in mind. Do not name rooms offensively, since they can be seen by the entire MUCK on the find list. Do not create disrespectful objects. Do not page people you don't know with indecent comments.

This is a friendly MUCK, and while not everyone can get along with everyone else, there is no need for an inhospitable atmosphere. Above all, use good judgment.


The administrators of the MUCK are the ultimate authority regarding activities and actions surrounding our game. Polls, votes, or other solicitations made by non-administrators are not official and should not be construed as such.

Attempts to impersonate the administrators or to administer rules in their stead is prohibited and will be punished appropriately.

Realms Covered by these Rules

Any electronic communications associated with TLKMuck are subject to these rules, including (but not limited to) the MUCK itself, emails between players regarding the MUCK, and the MUCK's forums.


These rules are not all encompassing and should not be construed as such. We cannot possibly cover every issue within these rules. Accordingly, the following "Master Rule" shall apply: If in doubt, ask an Administrator. Do not assume you know the answer if you haven't asked an Admin.


Punishment for violating any of these rules can be anything up to and including being banned permanently from our servers. Punishment will be determined by the Administrators.

Questions regarding these rules should be directed to the Head Wizard, Ketekh, via email at