Introduction - Setting the Scene

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The seasons passed, as seasons do, and the pair of young friends grew closer with each turn of the Circle. Ahadi and Uru lived through the trials and tribulations that most cubs face with only a few close calls, bumps, and scrapes for their troubles. Their shared adventures served to strengthen their bond and emboldened them whenever they adventured together.

Mohatu, on the other paw, was able to focus more and more on leading his little ragtag pride. Mishwasha proved an invaluable resource as she often chaperoned the lion's son and the young lioness during their adventures, though the reluctant king likely assumed the cheetah kept the cubs out of trouble when in reality, more often than not she was right there in the thick of things with the lions!

When he wasn't learning how to be a King by doing, Mohatu tried to spend any spare moment mending his relationship with Tetema, but the lioness was not interested in being the Queen of a pride - any pride at all - and tended to keep her distance, both emotionally and physically. The time he spent traveling back and forth from Pride Rock to his mate's chosen refuge began to wear on the lion, ageing him before his time and leaving him with a gaunt frame thanks to his refusal to eat properly.

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