Under the Baobab

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Pause Under the Baobab to get caught up to date on the in-universe (In Character) events within The Lion King MUCK.

Introduction - Setting the Scene

Years have passed since the last events recorded by Msimulizi. Get caught up to date with the recent history of the Pride Lands before Chapter 1 begins in September!

Chapter 1 - (The Circle of) Life Goes On (September 2019)

A new chapter of the story begins as another one comes to an end. (Full chapter coming soon!)

Chapter 2 - (The_Circle_of) Life Eclipsed (October 2019)

The second chapter brings tragedy and celebration to the Pride Lands.

Under the Baobab entries are written from the perspective of Msimulizi, a wise old elephant with a long memory and a knack for storytelling.

For additional context, players may wish to review the previous incarnation of this page: Under the Baobab - 2011