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10 September 2023

  • 03:2703:27, 10 September 2023 diff hist −16 Chapter 1 - (The Circle of) Life Goes OnNo edit summary current Tag: Visual edit: Switched
  • 03:2703:27, 10 September 2023 diff hist +17 MUCK Intro GuideNo edit summary current Tag: Visual edit: Switched
  • 03:1703:17, 10 September 2023 diff hist +7,382 N Muck Policies & RegulationsCreated page with "v4.6.4 - 08/22/2019 ==Content & Rating== TLKMuck is considered a PG-13 rated environment at all times. This includes both public and private rooms. Our MUCK is intended to be an enjoyable environment in which to experience the setting and adventures seen in Disney's "The Lion King" by anyone from thirteen to one hundred thirteen. Because of this, sexually explicit content and activities have no appropriate location within our system. See below for clarification regardi..." current
  • 03:1303:13, 10 September 2023 diff hist +728 N Credits & CopyrightsCreated page with "The Lion King is copyright 1994, 2019 by the Walt Disney Company. Some character names used within the MUCK are copyright 1994, 2019 by the Walt Disney Company and 1994 by Scholastic. The TLK Muck and TLK Muck Home page in no way constitute a challenge to these copyrights. The TLK Muck Home page was redesigned and written by Thumper on 7/21/1996. Others who have contributed to the content in the past included Logozo, Jennifer Sarantites, Joshua Templin, Bret Larwick, Me..." current
  • 03:1203:12, 10 September 2023 diff hist +366 N The MUCK StaffCreated page with "==The Wizard Staff== * Ketekh (Head Wizard) - Site Admin, FC, & Policy Manager * Jioni - Pride Manager * Wanachi - Programming & Helpstaff Manager ==The Help Staff== * Balana - MPI/Building/Newbies/Guests/RP/PR/Just Ask * Karove - RP / Writing / PR / Guests/ Ask Away! * Kucha - General-Building-Rp-TP's-Newbie * Motoni - Event Coordination / RP and Character Ideas" current
  • 03:1103:11, 10 September 2023 diff hist +7,124 N FC RulesCreated page with "v1.0 - 08/22/2019 =TLKMuck Feature Character Rules= ==Feature Character Definition== For the purposes of this document and the MUCK in general, a Feature Character (FC) is defined as any character named on-screen in any of the officially released, theatrical movies, television productions, or other studio-produced/sanctioned media/outlets (including, but not limited to online media, the Broadway production, and electronic or printed books) - also known as story 'canon..." current
  • 03:0803:08, 10 September 2023 diff hist +7,607 N FC Re-Launch FAQsCreated page with "==What do you mean by 're-launch'?== In the past, we've used the term 'reset' in regards to adjusting the timeline of the Feature Characters. This had an undesirable ripple effect across the MUCK forcing existing groups of players to adjust their role play to fit the new timeline. This often resulted in players having to role play meeting a Feature Character for the first time, even though their personal history might include a long-standing relationship with the aforeme..." current
  • 03:0603:06, 10 September 2023 diff hist +6,185 N 2019 FC Re-launch AnnouncementCreated page with "Good evening, everyone. For those of you who've been around for several years, this will sound similar to the same basic announcement I made back in 2011 regarding our Feature Characters. One of the most common questions the wizards get asked surrounds the future of the MUCK. It's not surprising that some would be concerned given the age of the MUCK and the decline in average connections we've seen over the last decade. So, before I go any further, let me reassure you..." current
  • 03:0403:04, 10 September 2023 diff hist +367 N Chapter 2 - (The Circle of) Life EclipsedCreated page with "Life never quite goes the way one plans. For the denizens of the Pride Lands, the coming weeks hold surprises and unexpected events that will drive that lesson home in both painful and joyful ways... * Weeks 1-2: A new face fits the bill * Weeks 2-3: A menace looms on the horizon / Tragedy strikes * Weeks 3-4: Mufasa arrives ---- Head back to Under the Baobab" current
  • 03:0303:03, 10 September 2023 diff hist 0 N File:Information icon.pngNo edit summary current
  • 02:5402:54, 10 September 2023 diff hist +510 N Template:Coming-SoonCreated page with "<div name="Attention notice" class="boilerplate" id="attention" style="background-color: #F3F2FF; width: 85%; margin: 0 auto; padding: 5px 10px 5px 10px; text-align: left; border: 1px solid #8855AA; "> <div style="font-size: 2em; color: red;">45px '''''Notice:'''''</div> This page is incomplete and will be expanded soon to include additional information. If this notice has been up for more than 14 days, please [ emai..." current
  • 02:5302:53, 10 September 2023 diff hist +795 N Chapter 1 - (The Circle of) Life Goes OnCreated page with "{{Coming-Soon}} The Circle of Life turns ceaselessly and we all get caught up in the motions of it in one way or another. So, too, do the lions of Pride Rock. As we begin a new chapter in our little corner of the world, big changes are coming for the Pride Lands. When the current King and his mate step aside and head out on a new adventure, their son finds himself suddenly thrust into the spotlight – a day he knew was coming, but like many of us when it comes to..."
  • 02:5202:52, 10 September 2023 diff hist −35 Introduction - Setting the SceneNo edit summary current
  • 02:5102:51, 10 September 2023 diff hist +1,333 N Introduction - Setting the SceneCreated page with "The seasons passed, as seasons do, and the pair of young friends grew closer with each turn of the Circle. Ahadi and Uru lived through the trials and tribulations that most cubs face with only a few close calls, bumps, and scrapes for their troubles. Their shared adventures served to strengthen their bond and emboldened them whenever they adventured together. Mohatu, on the other paw, was able to focus more and more on leading his little ragtag pride. Mishwasha proved..."
  • 02:5102:51, 10 September 2023 diff hist +1,512 N 2011 Chapter 3 - Hunting SolutionsCreated page with "Time stands still for nobody. No matter how much it pains us, time's inexorable march ushers in good news along with the bad. For Mohatu, the family's fifth month in Pride Rock dawns with a number of difficulties. The lingering rift between he and his mate make day-to-day life difficult. Despite his concern with his ability to protect his family, Mohatu is finding a growing responsibility to the legion of others who have found a home at Pride Rock. He is only one lion,..." current
  • 02:5002:50, 10 September 2023 diff hist +5,313 N 2011 Chapter 2 - Charity Begins at HomeCreated page with ""Life's not fair, is it?" Truer words have likely never been spoken. For our trio of lions and their ever-present cheetah companion, life never stopped throwing new challenges their way. Although nothing seemed to surpass the slaughter of his father's pride, little challenges kept coming at Mohatu and his family nearly non-stop. Like all things in life, however, everyone had a choice: run from adversity or learn from it. For Mohatu, the lessons he'd begun learning at..." current
  • 02:5002:50, 10 September 2023 diff hist +18,333 N 2011 Chapter 1 - New BeginningsCreated page with "For many, conflict is a rare and unwelcome visitor in one's life. For others, however, it is an all too common companion on our journey through the Circle of Life. In Mohatu's life, conflict seemed to follow him like a shadow on a cloudless day. The second of three sons born to a prosperous king, he frequently found himself playing family mediator between his older, headstrong brother and younger, carefree sibling. Nobody is perfect and the king was no exception. Showi..." current
  • 02:4902:49, 10 September 2023 diff hist +783 N Under the Baobab - 2011Created page with "Pause '''Under the Baobab''' to get caught up to date on the in-universe (In Character) events within The Lion King MUCK. =2011 Chapter 1 - New Beginnings= A homeless lion and lioness arrive at Pride Rock, seeking shelter and a place where the lioness can safely have her cubs without fear of being attacked as they sleep. =2011 Chapter 2 - Charity Begins at Home= Despite a lack of ambition to be a king, circumstances are slowly evolving in a manner that may forc..." current
  • 02:4902:49, 10 September 2023 diff hist +894 N Under the BaobabCreated page with "Pause '''Under the Baobab''' to get caught up to date on the in-universe (In Character) events within The Lion King MUCK. =Introduction - Setting the Scene= Years have passed since the last events recorded by Msimulizi. Get caught up to date with the recent history of the Pride Lands before Chapter 1 begins in September! =Chapter 1 - (The Circle of) Life Goes On (September 2019)= A new chapter of the story begins as another one comes to an end. (Full chapter c..." current
  • 02:4702:47, 10 September 2023 diff hist +238 N Category:Rules and PoliciesCreated page with "==TLKMuck Rules and Polices== TLKMuck rules and policies are posted here for convenience. In the event the rules and policies on the website do not match those posted on the MUCK itself, the documents available on the MUCK take priority." current
  • 02:4602:46, 10 September 2023 diff hist +169 N Category:Resources and TutorialsCreated page with "If you have suggestions for content that should be here or wish to help create such content, please contact Ketekh via MUCKmail or [ email] him." current
  • 02:4502:45, 10 September 2023 diff hist +10,436 N MUCK Intro GuideCreated page with "<center>[[{{ns:6}}:Talmainie.png]]</center> <b>To Start Up With</b>: This little guide is a production of rather liberal flow of thought and therefore some may find it disagreeable in terms of order of presentation for instance. Generally it is meant to be a source for miscellaneous information regarding gameplay on <b>The Lion King MUCK</b> ( 7675 ) in order to help people get started with it, should they be interested (they should!). Program used to..."
  • 02:4302:43, 10 September 2023 diff hist +4,073 N FAQCreated page with "=Frequently Asked Questions= ====What is a MUCK?==== A MUCK is a multi-user, text based, socially interactive, user-extendable role playing environment. Another way of looking at it is as a living book, of sorts. You connect with a client and interact with others, writing a new story as you go along. See the [ TinyMUCK] entry on [ Wikipedia] for more information. ====What is a character?===..." current
  • 02:4102:41, 10 September 2023 diff hist +2,220 N How to connectCreated page with "=How to connect to the muck= Telnet to: [telnet://, port 7675] =Muck Clients= ==UNIX== *[ Tiny Fugue (tf-35a*.tar.gz) (get the latest version)] ==Windows== *[ MUTT (16bit for Win3.1 or Above)] *[ zMUD (16/32bit)] *[ GeNewIc MUD (32bit for Win95 or WinNT)..." current
  • 02:4002:40, 10 September 2023 diff hist +7,552 N Pridal RulesCreated page with "v4.1 - 02/09/2020 ==Overview== This policy was created to form a framework for managing prides, which form the core of the MUCK's concept. These rules are updated occasionally to meet the changing needs of the MUCK's playerbase. Of note, while the wizards realize the title of King is traditionally gender specific and applied to adult male lions, the words King and Queen are interchangeable with the world Ruler as described below. Many other arrangements (co-Kings, co-..." current
  • 02:3302:33, 10 September 2023 diff hist +32 m What's NewNo edit summary current
  • 02:3202:32, 10 September 2023 diff hist +2,800 N What's NewCreated page with "=Introduction= Updates to the website and the MUCK itself are shown below, with most recent first. Check this page frequently for the latest information! =2020= ==February== * 02/09/2020 ** Minor clarification to the Pridal Rules - existing Rulers can apply to play "ruler" Feature Characters, such as Simba, provided they continue to maintain all requirements for their existing Ruler character. * 02/03/2020 ** Mufasa is being cast! Log onto the muck and check the MOTD..."

9 September 2023

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